Together Lets Shape the Future of Young Minds !

“Montessori is an education for Independence

preparing a child not just for a school but for Life”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Now that I know that you are reading this, I wish to share with you the similar predicament I faced about a decade and a half ago. As a discerning parent like you, I wanted the very best for my daughter, but zeroing upon the right kind of exposure for my precious little one before she joined her regular school turned out to be a daunting task. There are many pre schools which boasted on how different they were, but at the end of the day they all looked the same! However, time, as it is said is great leveler. I waded through the muddy waters working not only with my daughter, but many other kids of similar age, observing, learning and also at times unlearning and when I look at her now, my heart swells with pride.

Well, that was my story, but it doesn’t just end there, does it? A new idea germinated with a burning desire to share the ewalth of knowledge and fun that I experienced while raising my daughter and that’s how Glow N Glitter was born.

Every child that walks in here is like an unpolished gem just waiting to be discovered, nurtured and exposed to the magical world of learning by involving all their senses like touch and feel, so that when they walk out from here they can GLOW and GLITTER like that precious gem they were meant to be !

The budding astronauts, doctors, engineers, sports persons and well to sum it up, the stars of tomorrow shall pass through these hallowed halls and then as proud parents we can ask the question “Is sky really the limit??”


Children’s House Daily Schedule

This schedule is typical of the Montessori program at ‘Glow and glitters’. It is structured to allow for activities in all three basic areas of involvement—exercises of practical life, sensory material, and academic materials.


News Period

Work Period: Children spend this uninterrupted time working on individual or small-group activities at a chowki or on a work mat on the floor. Many activities require a presentation from the facilitator (teacher). Others, such as puzzles, can be used without a presentation. Children who choose an activity that is too difficult for them are offered something that better matches their abilities.
Benefits: These activities allow children to improve their attention span and concentration skills, fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, attention to detail, perseverance and the joy of learning. Responsibility for one’s own learning is developed as children make their own choices.

Breakfast time: The children wash their hands and go to have their food whenever they feel hungry, sit at the table, concentrate on manners and pleasant conversations at the table, take a taste of everything, pack up leftovers, throw away trash.
Benefits: Respectful behavior at mealtime is learned through modeling and direction from the facilitator. Discussions can include manners, healthy nutrition, and family customs. Cooperation and teamwork are fostered as children help each other clean up and transition to the next activity.

Outside Play: Climbing on the play apparatus, sand play and gardening are a few of the activities available in the outdoor area.  Gardening and experiences with pet animals.
Benefits: Large-motor control, participation in group games, and learning about the wonders of nature take place as the children play outside.

Circle time: This group activity includes songs, rhymes, planned conversations on something new in the classroom.
Benefits: Circle time is important for children to learn new songs and rhymes, share about their experiences with facilitators and peers.  This leads to enrichment of vocabulary and development of expressive language.

Group activities: This is the time for facilitators to present group activities in any of the areas in Montessori curriculum.  Children take turns to repeat the activity demonstrated by their facilitator.
Benefits: Whole-group lessons are an important time for children to learn how to take turns, participate appropriately in a larger society, share feelings and ideas, enjoy each other’s company.

Writing/individual work: The older children who are graduating to first standard will experience lessons in a classroom environment.  The second year Montessori children will learn writing numbers, alphabets and some words.  The first year Montessori children will work individually with materials. 
Benefits: The graduating children will learn discipline of being seated at the chowki, develop listening skills and far point copying from the black board.  The second year Montessori children learn to develop writing skills, while the youngest Montessori children enhance their fine motor skills, understanding of concepts and attention span while working with materials.

Fancy dress, sports day, parent-teacher interactions, parent observations, field trips, literacy week, art & craft week, colour week, science week

Once a Week – science experiments, fireless cooking, art & craft, show and tell, story-telling, dramatization (role play)

Chess, karate, yoga, art & craft, robotics


Mrs. Swetha Anand
(Montessori Directress & Founderhead of Organisation)

is a Graduate from Bangalore University with her majors being auditing, tax laws, cost accounting and management accounting. She has been passionately engaged with children of all age groups for 12 years.  Her 12-years long journey with children has helped her explore the needs and behaviours of children.  Mrs. Swetha has conducted classes in arts & crafts, water games, cognition development games and activities, organised educative field trips, and conducted workshops in different fields, such as cooking, gardening, photography, baking and Dutch flower arrangements. Her passion to work with children led her to undertake Montessori Training at Roots Knowledge Centre in 2017.  Mrs. Swetha has worked as a Montessori facilitator at Chimes Montessori.  After completing her course successfully and working as a facilitator, she started ‘Glow N Glitter Montessori House of Children’, a place where children could get the love and nurturance to develop into well-rounded individuals.

Mrs. Sangeetha
(Director & Founderhead of Organisation) 
is a budding and promising entrepreneur.  She holds a Diploma in Civil engineering, hails from a business background and specializes in areas of school administration. Mrs. Sangeetha has  a passion to work purposefully for children and looks forward to combine this passion with her knowledge in administration at ‘Glow N Glitter Montessori House of Children’, a place where children could get the love and nurturance to develop into well-rounded individuals.