‘GLOW N GLITTER’ is a private Montessori House of Children serving children between the age group of 20 months to 6 years. The transition from home to preschool is an important milestone for children and families. Research indicates that all children benefit from spending some time in a high-quality early childhood education and care program. Here’s where ‘GLOW N GLITTER’ feels responsible, to bring about a successful transition from home to the preschool through a range of approaches and activities to help children to understand the routines and practices of the Montessori environment.

Now that I know that you are reading this, I wish to share with you the similar predicament I faced about a decade and a half ago. As a discerning parent like you, I wanted the very best for my daughter, but zeroing upon the right kind of exposure for my precious little one before she joined her regular school turned out to be a daunting task….  


To Help the child “Glow and Shine like the Sun with calmness of the Moon”

  1. ‘Glow N Glitter’ offers a safe, secure, hygienic and stimulating environment with state of the art materials for holistic development of child.

  2. The environment invites the child to conduct his or her own experiences.


  3. Indoor environment includes Montessori materials which are scientifically designed – help children to explore and grow independent.


  4. ‘Glow N Glitter’, with its mini puppet theatre, art corner, mini library, cooking corner for fireless cooking, pet animals ,aquarium, and mini gym and much much more … ensures that children get the best of experiences.


  5. We have a nature friendly outdoor environment which enhances physical development in children with a play gym, a sand pit and textured walking path to stimulate their senses and a kitchen garden to help them learn – hands on about how plants grow and what they give us.


  6. We include professional training in sports and Yoga to encourage the sporting spirit in young children.


  7. Prayers and celebration of festivals are performed to help children experience and appreciate the rich culture of our country.


  8. Children enjoy every week an exciting themes like cooking , gardening, art and crafts and many more.


  9. Field trips are added for real life experiences.


    We at Glow N Glitter strongly believe in working along with Parents views and opinions,
    which helps the child to keep the spark of learning always Glow.